Sonar Gnome 2014.1 Getting Started Guides


Today we have released the Sonar Gnome 2014.1 Getting Started Guide — in three formats! Check out the Download Page for the guide in Open Document (ODT) format, PDF format and in PDF format using the OpenDyslexic font. Download it into the “Sonar” folder in your home folder for easy access when you need it.

Here are the topics covered in the guide.

Table of Contents

  • Sonar Gnome 2014.1
  • Welcome
  • About Sonar GNU/Linux
  • What is “GNU” anyway?
  • Translating from Windows to Sonar Linux
  • Accessibility
  • Screen Reader
  • Screen Magnification
  • On-Screen Keyboard
  • Head and Eye-Tracking Software
  • OpenDyslexic Font
  • Introduction to Sonar’s Desktop
  • Activities Button
  • Application Menu
  • Clock
  • Accessibility Menu
  • Status Menu
  • Using Accessibility Applications
  • Setting Keyboard Shortcuts On the Gnome Desktop
  • Using the Orca Screen Reader
  • Using Sonar’s Screen Magnifier
  • Using the On-Screen Keyboard
  • Using Head and Eye-Tracking Software
  • Using Applications
  • Web Browser
  • Word Processor
  • Entertainment
  • Staying Secure and Up To Date
  • Getting the Latest Updates
  • Need More Software?