Making The Web Accessible


Why Web Accessibility Matters

Ever been on a website and wondered why it hasn’t loaded on your browser? Or wondered why half of the site has loaded whilst the other hasn’t or worse yet why the entire site just looks quite odd? There is no doubt that at one point or another something like this will have happened to a site you will have visited; this is referred to as an accessibility issue.

Web accessibility is exactly what you think it is; a websites capability to reach different users on different devices, occasionally however, a website may not be entirely accessible. consider the range of technologies within the market- there will no doubt be some issues with some websites however in today’s competitive web design industry, designers and developers are urged to consider every need and requirement a user may face.

Originally web accessibility focused on users with disabilities; those who use speech browsers, have low vision or any cognitive or motion disabilities should be considered. A website designed to accommodate those who may have some difficulties is important however today accessibility also refers to users in different situations.

There are many reasons as to why a website cannot be fully accessed however the main issues include:

A website is designed to target users and encourage them to either purchase a product or service or continue accessing further information or even engaging in dialogue with a company; however without adequate access, users will no doubt immediately switch off.

Whatever the website, all web designers and developers must account for potential the needs and situations that a user may be in…

By considering all of the potential situations a website can improve and open itself up to all of the different users, immediately increasing its chances of expanding its growth. Accessible websites are also generally easier to navigate and use, effectively making them easier for search bots to read and ultimately rank.

The internet has become an integral part of business life and as a result an increasing number of people are venturing online to find products, services and information. Remember however that all of these users won’t be arriving to your site in the same way so anticipate, think ahead and consider the various scenarios to ensure your site is accessible to all and does not lose out.


Just  as it is important to have an accessible web. It is important to have accessible software. Before the web is accessible we must have an accessible operating system to access the accessible web. This is the goal of Sonar GNU/Linux.

Accessible Homes and Accessible Software


Accessibility Options for the Home

As we age we often need to adapt our homes to make them user-friendly. Residential homes are expensive, and there are no longer any reasons why we should move. A better option would be to adapt your home to suit your changing needs. This lets you stay in the home you love, and worked hard for over the years.

Our homes can be made more accessible, and thanks to modern technology, there are ways of doing so at a reasonable price.

Before you decide to contact a home remodeling or home renovation contractor, identify the areas of your home that are giving you the most problems. Start from the outside and work your way in and around the home. You will be surprised to find obstructions that may not be causing a problem now, but could potentially do so in the future.

Outside Access to Your Home

The first key issue is to make sure your home can be easily accessed from the outside. Even a few small steps may be a problem should you come to rely on a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

If, you are only dealing with a few small steps, a ramp may be the ideal solution. A ramp may mean a permanent structure alternatively there are mobile options available. Some ramps can even be folded away, and you can take them in the car when you go shopping. Mobile ramps offer best solution when one homeowner faces physical challenges.

Rails should always be fitted to any longer or shorter outside stairs. They will be their just in case you need them, and do not look obtrusive. Most rails, or grab rails, are easy to fit and can be fitted in less than an hour.


The vast majority of senior homeowners complain about the stairs in their homes. As a matter of fact, many homeowners sell their homes as they find they cannot longer manage the stairs. Moving home can be a costly process, but there are alternatives which may cost less than moving home.

Stair lifts offer a fantastic alternative to selling your home, and many options are available. Straight stair lifts are only suitable for straight staircases however there are stair lifts available for both curved and spiral staircases. Even outside staircases can be catered for if you have to cope with a lot of steps on the outside of your home.

Elevators used to be the only option, but stair-lifts have come a long way in recent years. They are quiet and smooth running, and with regular maintenance they will continue to work for many years.

You can order stair lifts with a variety of seat options. A perched seat option is available when you find it difficult to bend your knees, and the seat itself can be made to swivel allowing you to get off and on more easily.


Kitchens can become difficult places to make effective use of as you get older. You may find that cabinets are at the wrong height, or you may a problem standing up for a longer period of time.

Kitchen cabinets can be easily lowered to make sure that you can reach them safely. Once you come to sell your home, cabinets can quickly be repositioned if the new homeowners are more able bodied.

Standing up for longer periods of time is often a challenge as we age, and you may want to consider investing in a tall stool or perching chair.


Your bathroom may become difficult or awkward to use. Discuss the options available with a plumber or house remodeling contractor, you will find that there are options such as walk-in showers that can easily be installed.

Stepping over a curb to take a shower can be both difficult and dangerous, however, curb less showers are a good option. A shower chair, or dedicated seat in the shower, will go a long way to make the shower a safer place.

Specialist Contractors

Some home building contractors specialize in making homes more user-friendly for seniors and the physically challenged. Discuss all the options available to meet with your current needs, but at the same time make sure you are thinking ahead.

This type of home remodeling projects are often better trusted to a contractor with previous experience, and don’t hesitate to ask for his credentials or proof of previous jobs.

It is a good idea to work with a local contractor. Working with a local contractor will make it easier for you to resolve any problems, and it is better to have someone close to hand should your stair lift need servicing.

Just as it is important to have an accessible home. Having a accessible operating system is also needed this day and age that we are living in. Sonar GNU/linux is like having an accessible home where it meets all of your needs and has assistive technology and accessible software in mind when it was created.