Sonar 2016.03

This is the latest release of Sonar based off of Manjaro Linux. There are two released versions of Sonar.  The Sonar Gnome edition uses the Gnome 3.18 desktop for its graphical user interface. The Sonar Mate edition is a version of Sonar using the Mate desktop for the graphical user interface.

Released Versions

EDITION Sonar Gnome 2016.03 Sonar Gnome 2016.03 Sonar Mate 2016.03 Sonar Mate 2016.03
Gnome Edition Download 32-bit
Gnome Edition Download 64-bit
Net Edition Download 32-bit
Net Edition Download 64-bit
SHA512 CHECKSUM View Check Sum for Gnome 32-bit Edition
32-bit Checksum
View Check Sum for Gnome 64-bit Edition
64-bit Checksum
View Check Sum for Net 32-bit Edition
32-bit Checksum
View Check Sum for Net 64-bit Edition
64-bit Checksum
Getting Started Guide
(2014.1 versions)
Getting Started Guide (Gnome 2014.1 versions)
OpenDyslexic PDF

Background Wallpaper

If you are looking for Sonar-branded wallpaper for your desktop, click this link to view and download the available backgrounds.

Getting Started

After you install Sonar
Additional documentation


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2014.1 screenshot

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