Computers For Sonar

Here at Sonar, not only do we want to bring accessible computing through open source software, but we want to bring computing to those that don’t even own a computer.

With our program “Computers for Sonar” we will find people looking to get rid of there computers, and pair them up with people that need a computer. We will ask that the people looking to get rid of their computer only charge the person looking for the computer the cost of shipping. This way the individual looking for a computer can get one for a very low price.¬†We will ask the person that is shipping the computer to pre-install it with a version of Sonar. That way when the recipient receives the computer they can just plug it in, and boot right into Sonar.

Right now this program is only going to be available in the United States, but if we can get more volunteers in other countries, we can expand. If you are looking to get rid of a computer or would like to receive a computer, please email and in the subject line, please put “Computers for Sonar”.