Update With Sonar

it’s been a long time since an update with Sonar. To start off The Vinux team and Sonar decided to start working together to build the best possible accessible distro for vision impared users. The project will still be called Vinux and they will be moving from Ubuntu as a base over to Fedora. I was going to help out in some way but I’m very busy with work and being part of some other projects. I’ve decided to keep Sonar going to some degree and it will still be Arch based. Sonar will be focused on being used by those already used to the Linux operating system or to those who have no problem figuring things out with some help. Sonar will be switching from Manjaro to Antergos. The Manjaro team has been extremely helpful throughout Sonar being based off of Manjaro. Manjaro has switched over to an installer that isn’t accessible to the Orca screen reader. We have tried to get it accessible but we haven’t been successful. So i reached out to Antergos for a few reasons, they are arch based and they use a fork of the installer that was accessible with Manjaro. So far Antergos has also been really helpful and doing everything they can to make sure we can build Sonar off of Antergos. That is where we are at for right now. Stay tuned for a beta release I hope in a month or so.

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