Welcome to Sonar 2015.2

Sonar 2015.2 is out! just as promised it came out just a few weeks after sonar 2015.1. Now that we have our build system in place we are ready for building other images of Sonar. But let’s take a look at the Gnome version of 2015.2


Sonar is focused on assistive technology trying to give the best a11y experience for everyone that depends on accessible software.

This version comes with Gnome 3.16 and this is the best version of Gnome yet. Sadly Gnome doesn’t run rather well on older hardware but as long as you have a computer from 5 years ago you should have no problems. This desktop is fast responsive and most important accessible!

The Free screen reader Orca has seen some performance improvements and also is now working much better with Firefox thanks to the Orca team. There is now a focus and browse mode in Orca while using Firefox to help with filling out forms and fields on websites.

Eviacam is now part of Sonar helping give access to quadriplegics. Letting them move the cursor on the screen with just the movement of their head.
The Dasher onscreen keyboard is now a part of Sonar giving greater access to those that have low motor skills.

Open Dyslexic is a few button pushes away to switch over to the font for easier reading.
Magnification is just a keyboard shortcut away. now low vision users have easy access to enlarge their screen.

Try Sonar Without Risk

if you have never tried out Sonar and want to give it a try just download the DVD and boot it up. Don’t worry Sonar boots into a live system which means that Sonar runs off of the DVD. It doesn’t effect the operating system that you already have installed on your computer. So you can run Sonar without having to install it. Don’t forget to check out our mailing list for any help and support.

Checkout the download page and get either the Gnome or CLI versions of Sonar 2015.2! The beta of the MATE version will also be available on the download page.

Don’t forget to join the mailing list┬áif you have any questions or need some help.