Sonar Linux 2015.1 Is Out

Sonar 2015.1 Screen Shot

Sonar Linux would like to announce the new release of Sonar Gnome 2015.1! The Sonar team would first like to apologize for getting this release out so late. The Manjaro team put a new build system into place which is even better than the last build system. So we had to adjust the way that we build Sonar and that took some time. Now that we have our system in place we will be ready for when Gnome 3.16 comes out and we will have the new release out much quicker. So you can expect a new version of Sonar in a few more months.

A big shout out to Phil the lead developer of Manjaro. He was a huge help with getting this release out. I wish that more of the open source developers would be has willing to assure accessibility in the software that they develop like Phil does. I know i’ve said this before but Phil is the perfect person to work with. The open source community should follow his example.

Now that we have this release out we will be working on a MATE and CLI version of Sonar. We have some more news coming out soon about Sonar but that will be for another post. Checkout the download page and get Sonar Gnome 2015.1!

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