Announcing a New Lead Developer For Sonar

Sonar Linux would like to announce a new lead developer Kyle! He has been doing a lot of work and really has taken Sonar to a new level! Here is a litle about kyle.

Kyle Brouhard is a computer builder and technical support specialist who
works with a wide range of Linux operating systems. It is his belief,
based on personal experiences, that free software is for everyone, and
that Linux-based operating systems are not only designed for use by
server administrators and computer geeks, but that they are designed so
that the world at large can benefit from the freedoms associated with
free and open code, free and open protocols and free and open file formats.

In addition to building computers and promoting and supporting
GNU/Linux, Kyle is the lead developer of the latest sonar versions after
13.10, which are based on Manjaro Linux, an independently developed fork
of Arch Linux.

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