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Sonar GNU/Linux is an accessible operating system focused on assistive technology. If you are new to GNU/Linux, you must understand that GNU/Linux is not a replacement of proprietary operating systems, but an alternative. Since it is an alternative, there are some differences between GNU/Linux and the proprietary operating systems. Therefore, you may encounter a small learning curve when understanding how GNU/Linux operates and is structured. There are some similarities between the two so you will not have to start from the beginning and forget everything you know about the proprietary system you currently use.

The best feature of Sonar is that it is Free Software and if you depend on
assistive technology, this is the best option for you. Free Software gives you Four Freedoms that proprietary software does not provide. In fact proprietary software is restrictive. To better understand Free Software, visit the FSF website. FSF is where Free Software began and this site is an excellent source of information.

Sonar is focused on being the most accessible operating system available using Free assistive technology. The following is a list of some of the assistive technology offered through Sonar:

1. a screen reader for blind and low vision people called Orca.

2. a magnification program to help magnify the screen for low vision people.

3. an on-screen keyboard for people who have low motor skills and have difficulty using a keyboard. (The on-screen keyboard can be used with a mouse or trackball to navigate the keyboard on the screen.

4. a font for people with dyslexia.

If you ever wanted greater involvement with the operating system and assistive technology you currently use, Sonar is for you. Join the mailing list and get involved. You can ask for feature request and also help to make Sonar better. Sonar is sponsored by the Accessible Computing Foundation. Come and join the community and take back control of your computing and assistive technology.

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