Free Assistive Technology and Accessible Computing

free assistive technology

Do you need an accessible operating system that features top-notch assistive technology? You have come to the right place. Your search is over. Sonar GNU/Linux is the perfect fit for you.

Sonar GNU/Linux doesn´t replace proprietary operating systems, but is an ideal alternative. Some differences exist between GNU/Linux and proprietary operating systems, and you may encounter a small learning curve when understanding GNU/Linux´s structure and system. However, there are many similarities to your current proprietary system and Sonar offers new technology with unparalleled quality.

Enjoy Sonar´s Free Software. Never have to worry again about paying for that next upgrade or to get the features or functionality you’ve been looking for.

Accessibility. Assistive Technology Built-in

Sonar is the most accessible operating system with free assistive technology. Sonar offers the following adaptive technology:

Orca screen reader Orca Screen Reader

Orca is a free, open source, flexible, and extensible screen reader that provides access to Sonar’s graphical desktop via speech and/or braille.

Screen Magnification Screen Magnification

If you are a low vision user and you require screen magnification, Sonar has magnification already built in.

On-Screen Keyboard On-screen Keyboard

An on-screen keyboard is ready to go for people who have low motor skills and experience difficulty using a keyboard. The on-screen keyboard can be used with a mouse or trackball to navigate the keyboard on the screen.

OpenDyslexic Font OpenDyslexic Font

Sonar Linux comes with the OpenDyslexic font pre-installed. OpenDyslexic is designed to increase the readability of on-screen and printed text for readers with dyslexia.

eViacam eViacam Head and Eye Tracking Software

If your computer has a camera installed, or if you add one, you can use it to control the mouse cursor. In combination with the on-screen keyboard, this will allow people with low motor skills to navigate the software, and use the keyboard as well.

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